Interview with Crystal Chigbu, founder and ED of IREDE foundation

What Do You Love About Nigeria?

Transform Nigeria looks to showcase change agents and organizations that are doing great things to ensure our country is a better place to live and work.

Youngsters Development Initiative, the Tuface foundation and the National Democratic Institute have come together to bring the message of peace through the Vote Not Fight Campaign.

What do you think about the work they are doing in Anambra state.

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What Do You Love About Nigeria?

What Do You Love About being a Nigerian?

Why would you celebrate Nigeria at Independence?

What is your Independence Day Song

How do you choose to Celebrate Her?

Celebrate Nigeria at 57!!!

Happy Independence Nigeria!!!!

Founder, Transform Nigeria

Transform Nigeria is a community of people who care about our country Nigeria. Every country has its problems including the western nations.

My experience in Advocacy in Chicago Illinois and the United States proves it. I worked on Criminal Justice reform, Immigration, healthcare, education, housing and the list goes on. In spite of the issues, people are still patriotic and loyal to the United States of America.

Nigeria has problems we all understand that but we need to learn to love our nation. Let’s love our dear country Nigeria Transform Nigeria in your own way. Be a Change Agent Today!! Let’s Transform Nigeria together. God Bless You. God Bless Nigeria!

Call for Articles

Welcome to the Transform Nigeria online community. We want to see the good in our nation which is you!!!!

Send us your videos and articles on how you are transforming Nigeria through the work in your community.

Send to The deadline is Friday, September 15 2017. Transform Nigeria, be a change agent!

Thank you and God bless you.

Nigeria: The way forward.

Every genuine national transformation starts from the mind. Through Changing the mindset of the people from negative to positive by seeing the good in Nigeria amidst all strifes.

How can we transform a nation like Nigeria, with its huge potentials, abundant natural and material resources?

The answer is not far-fetched, Every true transformation begins from the transformation of the minds of the people.

Our thoughts determine our actions, Our actions determine the outcomes of our lives.

Until there’s a change of mindset, the nation cannot be transformed.