20 Quotes from the Anambra Debate

The Anambra Debate

The Anambra Debate was nothing short of interesting.  The gubernatorial candidates wanted to prove Anambrarians that they wanted their vote.  I was watching live at home and watched them quotes numbers and make promises to the people for their vote.  The current governor has competition in each of the candidates.  Comments on social media are pouring in about the outcome of the debate.  During the post debate conversation, Ebuka noted that the promises were not backed up with an implementation plan.  Obaze promised to conduct Local Government elections, Obiano promised to continue projects that he has started and continue paying worker’s salaries on time.  Chidoka has promised to engage the youth and pay attention to the IPOB tension.  Ezemo promised that his party would be different from PDP, APC and APGA.


20 Quotes from the Anambra Election Debate

  1. Anambra is the number one state in Bribery and CorruptionAnambra 
  2. Tony Nwoye couldn’t answer simple question of why Ndi Anambra should trust him after he jumped ship from PDP to APC
  3. Channels: Time Up.In  Tony Nwoye: Don’t cut me short! My time is not up!
  4. In 3 years I grew the Anambra economy by 1 trillion
  5. Budget implementation by this administration has been a total failure, not one 12km road has been completed by this government.
  6. I came, I saw, I conquered insecurity.  I have provided dividends from security.  About 1 billion naira is brought home by Ndi Anambra monthly
  7. If all other states in Nigeria were to be like Anambra, there woudn’t be recession
  8. I stand with IPOB and see no reason why they should be tagged as a terrorist organization, we have the fulani herdsmen and Militancy in this same country which wasn’t seen that way.
  9. The incumbent Governor has not tried in security
  10. You don’t have money sitting idle when you have the need to pay contractors and build infrastructures…Do you keep money in savings when people are dying?
  11. We have the highest number of people that pass English and Maths every year
  12. We need portable and accessible roads in Anambra 
  13. We don’t need an airport in Anambra
  14. Chidoka, a former minister of Aviation could not attract an airport in Anambra State
  15. IPOB members are jobless and some are irresponsible
  16. PDP Obaze should understand that this is a debate not a revenge mission
  17. APC has denied the South East of their national cake
  18. Our brothers that occupied juicy positions in the previous administration like, my brother Chidoka the former Aviation minister could not represent us well.
  19. Peter Obi signed cheques running into the billions just waiting for me to take over so that the money will be drawn
  20. Anambra state Government is not putting one kobo in the airport project.

So, for those of you that watched the debate, can you guess the source of the quotes? Please mention some quotes that resonated with you during the debate.


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